I "need" a huge baggy shoulder bag!

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  1. Lately I have been thinking about getting a shoulder bag.. And I feel like something huuuge and baggy :P
    I have been thinking about the Galliera GM, but I'm not sure.. I think the Galliera PM I too small, and I'm not sure if the GM is much bigger??
    And then there is the Mahina L or maybe XL?? How are they in comparison?

    And no, I'm not able to visit a LV store to try them IRL :sad:
  2. mahina xl is huge
  3. Mahina XL in a dark color!
  4. If you really want a huge and baggy shoulder bag, the go for the Galliera GM or Mahina XL. It will also depend how much you want to spend. I'm 5' 4" but I'm on the big side. I'd tried on the Galliera PM and the Mahina L and they are just right for me. I end up buying the Mahina L. The Mahina line is just tdf!
  5. I really love the galliera pm and gm. but im just 5 ft so the gm was fine for my profile. i added wallets and things into the bag so it weighs down the bag and gives it a soft look to the leather even when new. its a gorgeous bag. i would even consider the bigger one, i dont believe its that much bigger but its bigger
  6. LOVE the Mahina!!!! Go for it!!!
  7. Mahina GM in Azur or Mahina XL in Noir YUM!
  8. As soon as I read your title, I thought of the Galliera GM............
  9. Mahina XL
  10. The downside to the Mahina is that then I have to save some money... I HATE saving :P
  11. ^^ But it's worth it!!! Mahina is gorgy... Gris or biscuit!!! ;)

    They r yummy and gorgy!!!
  12. Mahina XL all the way!
  13. Mahina XL is a *well worth it* kind of bag. No regrets with this one, and it's a bag that you will carry forever!
  14. Mahina XL for sure, I am thinking of getting the biscuit.
  15. i think the galliera gm would suit your needs perfectly! Mahina XL is super expensive for a bag you are not sure about and don't really want to save for!