I need a history lesson on my lovely new bag :-)

  1. My new bag,the Almond Calf leather susanah, was purchased at Off 5th avenue. As my first MJ bag, I can forsee this not being my last! The leather is scrumptious and the interior suede is soo delightful. Can MJ experts give me a little history on my baby? I am done a search but haven't come up with much info other than the susanah is similiar to the multipocket. For reference the style is C343008. Thank you so much guys!
  2. ^ Your bag is from Resort 2004. =)
  3. haha thank you bag.lover!!
  4. I love the lining of the Almond calf bags... hope you got a sweet deal on that baby! Welcome to the MJ club!
  5. I LOVE the lining too..that color is fab, makes me keep my bag unzipped for a pop of color. The price was amazing! I took her out for a spin today and gosh how I am in love.
  6. Congratulations on your new Susannah!! :yes: I found a Susannah in black a few months ago at my Off 5th too for a very good price. Even though the bag can be heavy sometimes, I love it so much. But I think that's also because I load it up with too much stuff! :angel: I think you'll get a lot of use out of your new bag! Enjoy!
  7. luvpurses, congrats on your purchase as well! It is heavy, but I love the weight of all that leather...I guess my only advantage is I never seem to put anything major in my bag..so look at it this way though, arm exercises for the day!
  8. Just a little show and tell before running to class
    marcjacobs bag.jpg

  9. It looks great on you, JAP4life! I'm glad you are enjoying your first MJ.
  10. It looks gorgeous on you!! :love: I'm glad you're loving it!
  11. Congrats on your bag! I love the color!!
  12. Thank you so much girls! :yahoo: