I need a help

  1. I bought a fake Dior bag from i-soldit store on eBay, and the seller is not willing to give me a full refund.
    What should I do?:crybaby:
  2. If that was the bag we authenticated in the forum then you could ask mypoupette to do a written authentication for you and open a dispute if it was paid via paypal.

    You will need to provide some sort of proof even if doing a chargeback through your credit card company.

    If going through mypoupette for an authentication make sure you allow yourself plenty of time as they are not the most speedy.
  3. doesn't it cost like $30 to get a letter from them?
  4. It's going to cost regardless, even if you don't go through paypal your credit card company will expect some sort of proof as well.

    If they will accept a basic non authenticity email from mypoupette then it would be cheaper ($15), paypal probably won't but your credit card company may.

    Double check with your card company if this would be sufficient.

    Paypal state they expect you to claim through them first if it was paid that way before approaching your credit card company.
  5. Seems isoldit go through mypoupette for confirmation on some of their LV items shame they are not so diligent with other brands :sad:
  6. you'd want to file a claim with paypal/ebay and also do a chargeback with your credit card company too (if you've paid for it using a credit card). try writing a formal letter to isoldit indicating that you're displeased with the way they've handled it, and at the same time informing them that the sale of counterfeit goods is illegal and if you're within the same jurisdiction, (or at least the same country), you might want to suggest that you have no qualms about filing a report with the police on it.