I need a Healthcare provider to please help me

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  1. I have a survey that needs to be taken by a healthcare provider. These are the questions. If anyone can help me please PM me your answers to the survey. Thank you so much!!

    • How does your facility screen patients for nutritional risk?
    • What nutritional risk criteria are used to trigger a referral to a Registered Dietician (RD)?
    • Who is responsible for assessing a patient's nutritional status?
    • How is nutrition integrated into the nursing plan?
    • What anthropometric measurements are routinely recorded in your facility? How often are these measurements monitored?
    • What are some common nutritional interventions used in your facility?
    • How are outcomes commonly monitored?
  2. anyone?
  3. I would ask a mod to move this thread to the Heath & Fitness subforum. You might want to specify if the people you're supposed to interview for this survey must be in a particular state or country.
  4. OP can you state if this has to be your state or country thanks....ALF X