I need a Gucci Tote for school, help please

  1. i need a big tote bag for school, perfer to be in black...

    i can't drive downtown to school cause parking is too expensive so i need a big shoulder bag for all my stuff and gucci seems to be a very good price and durable, i'm an LV person but i want a gucci for everyday and can take some abuse

    it needs to fit my macbook, big artbook (taking fashion design) big headphones, pencils and stuff and the essientials and sometimes a little jacket incase it gets cold, so basically a lot of stuff!!

    pictures would help cause i'm not familiar with the gucci names and if you could let me know the price that would be great

    thanks in advance =]
  2. actually i've been looking at the bags and found this cute tote on the Saks website! ands its only 470 usd too a very good price for a school bag but can't find on the gucci website n Saks doesn't ship to canada is this bag still avilale at the stores?? any have it? any modelling pics?
  3. I think the gucci PVC line would be good for school!!

  4. i know at least one girl at my school who uses that and it looks so cute!

    perhaps you can call saks? some of the dept stores DO ship to canada, but only when you call them.

    and be prepared for the customs charges!
  5. i went to my gucci store in dt torono asking about a bag like that one! they showed me a bag that looks just like it but in the new colour, it was blue brown blue webbing? and beige on beige GG's and i asked for a black one, and she said they never had a black one and they wont have one! i think that was totally rude the way she said, it as if i don't know anything about gucci. i said that it does exsist and she insisted that it never did.
  6. ^ew, forget about that SA.