I need a Gucci Horsebit, please help

  1. I really want the black Gucci Chain bag, the horsebit one, I want a plain black leather one but in England they only have the Guccisima leather ones, where can I find one? I don't mind if it is used, I have looked on eBay and they all look fake! Any help would be very appreciated!!:smile:
  2. Are you referring to the horsebit hobo or the pelham bag?? You did not really say too many specifics about the bag and both have horse bits on them....but two totally different bags.
  3. OK, the bag you are looking for (I think) is on Neiman Marcus online right now. Good luck!
  4. The NM in Sa carries this bag

  5. I am looking for the same bag as well. The SA told me last week, that there is only one Gucci store in Europe who have this bag available at this moment: in Vienna.

    At this moment they are preparing a stocktaking. New stock of Chain bags will be available at the end of May or beginning of June together with the launch of F/W collection. So I am waiting....