I need a good reliable tote...help please? :)

  1. I hope this is okay for this section, since it encompasses several brands :yes:

    I must get a throw-around bag soon. I've put it off for way too long now, and my Juicy Daydreamer is on its last dying leg! This bag will be a combination beach bag (not for the seaside, but for carrying around casual shopping, toting dog essentials plus my junk) and a bag to tote books in to class for my last year of university.

    I'm an Hermes girl, but only Hermes leather. But I certainly do not plan on ruining an Hermes leather bag, lol! I'm getting one already toward the end of the summer, but it is not a beach/class bag. So I need to decide on something that isn't Hermes that will suit my needs :tup:

    Right now, I'm stuck between multiple brands, but whatever it is, it needs to really hold out, and be at least a bit luxurious :shame: (you guys know how I feel, lol). Louis Vuitton and Goyard totes have crossed my mind, but I'm not sure. I'm not terribly keen on blatant labels, but if it's a good bag that holds up, I'm up for anything, really. Prior to this, I've always just purchased 2-3 Juicy bags per year to get me through, but this is beginning to seem financially, um, foolish :sweatdrop:

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Since it's a throw-around bag, I'd prefer that it stay under $1,200 :yes: If you have any brand recommendations, styles, pics, etc., anything would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Are you looking for leather or nylon? I love the newer Chloe leather totes, but the Longchamp nylon tote is practical and classic. Plus, it's cheap enough that you won't have to worry about ruining it.
  3. Either is just fine with me! That was another one I neglected to mention, the Longchamp tote. I saw that I could customize them on their site, which is pretty nifty! And they are inexpensive enough to get one for the oceanside, I believe :yes: I haven't seen the Chloe ones yet, I'll check them out! Thanks for the suggestions!

    Any more suggestions are very much welcome!
  4. i second the longchamp, if you are after a decent tote, mine has been to hell and back and is still in fantastic condition.
    Cheaper so you can buy lots of different colors too!
  5. I swear by my Herve Chapelier bags! Since they aren't that expensive, you can get two or three and pack them accordingly! I have a huge one I bought at Bloomies, the weekender, and it fits everything, all my books for class, makeup, gym stuff, sneakers, if I have to pick up books at the library, hide a purchase from my roommate who thinks I shop too much, yknow, the usual! I have another medium sized that is generally packed for the gym if I go on days I don't have class. And then I have a mini one that goes in the larger ones that holds toiletries for when I sleep out.

    check hervechapelier.com!
  6. I'd go with Chanel Paris Biarritz if it fits the budget (not sure about latest prices)

  7. Thanks for the suggestions! I don't know why this decision is so tough for me, lol.

    I've never looked into a Chanel tote before, so I'll do that soon!

    I love brightly colored bags, so I suppose that is why I keep bouncing around the idea of getting a few of the Longchamp totes, one of the LV Antigua GM totes, or even a berry colored Marc Jacobs tote I've found, even though I'm not too terribly familiar with the brand.

    If anyone has any more suggestions for totes, especially brightly colored ones, I'd love to hear them! :yes: