I need a good mascara! Help!!!

  1. I've just finished w/lancome and I bought Sue Devitt "Black Widow" from Sephora.....the brush made it seem so good and I"m not very pleased with it

    I want something lengthening and of course, not clumpy....but very black, inky black :yes:
  2. I use Chanel Inimitable! It does lengthen my lashes but still looks fairly natural. If you want a more dramatic look, I've heard many people rave about DiorShow mascara. Supposedly it's really dark and works wonders, but I haven't tried it myself.
  3. I second the vote for Chanel Inimitable! This lengthens and thickens wonderfully and almost gives me a fake lash look, but not in a bad way. This truly is the best mascara I've used yet!
  4. I use DiorShow and LOVE it!
  5. Third for Chanel Inimitable, try it, you wont be sorry
  6. Use two mascaras, first a lengthening one and then a volumizing one. That will give you length and body.
  7. i make my fake lash with three different type of mascara
    1st, lancome, cils booster xl(it's a white base and a protection for ur eye lash)
    2nd, shu umera. fiber extension
    3rd, dior show. for the volumn.
    and i use the eye lash comb.
  8. love chanel
  9. I have a gazillion mascaras. I do like DiorShow and Chanel Inimitable. I also like L'Oreal Telescopic and Maybelline Define-a-Lash. If I could have only one makeup item, it would be a great mascara. Judging from the Beauty Bar, I am not alone!
  10. ysl faux cils-the best
  11. i used to use the more pricy mascaras from Lancome, MAC, and Dior, but my favorite mascaras of all are Mabelline myfavorite is Lash Stylist. It gives me that dramatic fake look that i love
  12. Love TooFaced Lash Injection!
  13. Hi! i would take the Lash Queen Feline Black from HR

    it gives great lenght and the colour is "blackest black" :smile:
  14. If you want length, go with Loreal Telescopic. My lashes touch my eyebrows when I use this. The wand takes a little bit of practice, but once you learn how to use it, you will love it.
  15. Another vote for Chanel mascara