I need a good British Columbia Lawyer. Quick!

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  1. I think I got scammed on a condo deal in British Columbia, Canada. I am a US citizen in Seattle and need to find a good real estate attorney to try to get me out of the purchase and sale agreement. Post here or pm me with any ideas . Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. I am here in Vancouver but don't know any real estate lawyers but I'll try to find one for you. What kind of scam is it?
  3. I purchased a condo preconstrucion in March 2005 and gve 40K downpayment. It was supposed to be finsihed in Dec 2005 . There have been all these excuses,delays, and lies. They want us to close tomorrow and we drove up to Silver Star to look at it and it was still a construction zone. Some of the appliances weren't in, all the stuff they promised wasn't end place. They say, don't worry , we promise we will get it. The person who showed it told us the developer was having some issues with money so I am afraid if we close they won't ever fix the things. It was really expensive so I am nervous to just trust these people who have lied over the last 18 months. I don't want to lose my deposit money.. that is the short version. I have lots of emails and letter to document the matter
  4. That sounds really bad. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Who is the development company? Is there any subject clause in your sales agreement? I'm sure you should be able to back out of this sale and get your money back.
  5. There is no subject clause specifically. The development company and thier attorneys are in Kelowna. Everyone there seems to be involved with this develpment. That is why I need someone in Vancouver.
  6. You should talk to a lawyer in your area, just in case you can file there (look at the washington state bar website).

    If you can't go to the canadian bar association (http://www.cba.org/CBA/Gate.asp) and get some info there
  7. You should be protected under your new home buyers warranty. Builders have to cover those kind of things. Google the new home buyers warranty in BC and hopefully you can get some money out of them.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I will try to get a name tomorrow of an attorney to call.
  9. Tulemar, check your PMs.
  10. Thanks Roo...I'll let you know what happens