I need a fix!!!

  1. After reading all your posts I SOOOOO need a Coach fix!!! I better go to an outlet to hold me off.

    I really want a purse but am not suppose to get it until my birthday (May) and I know they have only a limited number left. Does anyone know how long (if I got it now) I can return it if I like somthing better later.

    Also how often do they come out with new lines?? I really like the leather and signature legacy shoulder bag but I don't know how long I will like it because of the front pockets. I just dont want another hobo!!
  2. your to cute !
  3. I so need a fix too!! I am trying to wait till my birthday! But it's not till April, so meanwhile I have been leaving subtle hints around the house -catalogues, notes saying "I need another purse" and sending the hubby wish list e-mails with a wide variety of purses and other Coach goodies he can choose from (just in case he wants to suprise me-which will not happen till hell freezes over!) I might just to have to get myself a "just cuz'' present..like a Carly!!! Hey, we deserve it!!!!!!!
  4. u crack me up !! lol !!
  5. I will look for any reason to buy a new purse!!
  6. I just got two new Coach purses and a Coach wallet within the past week- one for $458, another for $398, and the wallet for $220, but I want another! I want the Legacy Shoulder in Whiskey! Is something wrong with me? :shrugs:
  7. ^^I am soooo jealous!!! What a lucky girl!
  8. I think I need a Coach fix too, after all it's the New Year :p
  9. This is exactly why I like this place. My college student had "registration and financial aid" issues, so I got a sub for school and drove three hours tonight to be with my baby on campus tomorrow. On my way to Charlotte I stopped at the outlet and purchased a black leather lanyard for my school badge ($29) and a BEaUTIFUL white agenda that was reduced to ($55). Now, mind you, I really do not have the money to do this (heck, the unexpected trip to Charlotte hit the wallet), but I had to get a fix!!!!!:nuts:
  10. Haha...too cute! Should I get the Legacy in whiskey or black?
  11. Ok, just got a call back from Coach saying that their inventory was wrong and they don't have one in the store but can order me one. So, I ordered it myself on Coach's website just now! AHHH! Express shipping too! Ok no more Coach until after my birthday or maybe for my birthday as a gift (hint hint for the hubby)...but, no more purchases on my part for a while. So excited for it to come! :wlae:
  12. ^^Congrats, post pics when it comes.
  13. congratulations ! what color did you get?
  14. Definitely! I was going to wait to have the Coach store order it tomorrow, but I was like one more day without it when I could be ordering it now and getting it sooner. The nearest Coach store is about 45 minutes from here and with traffic, it will probably cost the $8.50 they were going to save me in gas anyway...it's worth it. I got it shipped Express and paid $16...but, that's ok now I might have it by Monday hopefully or maybe Saturday! Does anyone know the turn around rate on Coach shipping express? :shrugs:
  15. Whiskey