I need a few Legacy Stripe Item numbers!

  1. So eventually I'm going to get all my Le:heart:gacy Stripe Dream items but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone could get me the item number for the following items:

    That cute coinpurse keyfob
    Legacy Agenda
    And Legacy French Purse!

  2. ^ OMG... I SO SO SO want the agenda too!!!

    I :heart: Coach Legacy!!!

  3. me too I really need the item numbers for these!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Goodness surely someone has the items and knows!
  5. These go for quite high on eBay right now...I think they retailed for $218...but because they sold out so fast/are hard to get now...they go for crazy prices on ebay.

    All you have to do is look on ebay for these style numbers...

    Agenda - 60062
    Pouch - 40245
    Coin - 92038
    Zoe - 10463
    Madison - 10465
    Wristlet - 40231
    Beret - 80088
    Video IPod - 60051
  6. Thanks Dewey! Is the "coin" for the little coin keyfob or the coin wristlet? Thanks!
  7. coin keyfob...sorry

    couldn't find a flap wristlet or the "coin wristlet" on my quick search through ebay...
  8. I typed in Coach coin on ebay search, and didn't see any legacy coin key holder or anyhing. What am I doing wrong? Could you send me the link?
  9. Woo! thanks for the number! I just called and ordered the large cosmetic case and the Coin Keyfob, they had 1 more in the warehouse, YAY!
  10. ^^ I didn't find any for sale on ebay...I checked completed listings to get those style numbers.
  11. Dewey got to you before I did! LOL!

    Good luck in finding the stripe items!
    It was fun for me!
  12. By choice, I own everything on the list above except for the Zoe, Madison and IPod case. I LOVE everything else though!:yes:
  13. I wanna know how you got the Agenda! I was surprised to get the keyfob and I had them look up the Agenda and I swear he almost snickered when he found out what I was looking for! ;)

    With my beauty case coming my purse will all match just the way my anal self likes it.. *_*
  14. Are there more cosmetic cases left? Maybe I should try to PCE one of those.