I need a favor... regards to the Sac Chasse

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  1. Definately "EEKS!" when it comes to that bag. It's one of those bags that looks good in the boutique, but is really impractical. I really like the Vaslav, as you had mentioned, Keepall, Pegasse, Alize, and Sirius. (Albeit, the Alize and Sirius have to be stuffed almost the brim to avoid shifting because the of the direction change when you carry it.) The Carryall is also nice, although a bit small.
  2. The Alize 24 Heures looks beautiful as well... thank you all for the GREAT advice! :smile: I cannot wait to purchase my carryon of choice and show you all... hang in there! :smile: I am still confused though, I guess I will have to go to the boutique in the near future and try on the bags.

    It's a shame that the Sac Chasse is not practical... but when you look at it, the rings do appear to be a worrisome.