I need a favor... regards to the Sac Chasse

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  1. Hey everyone... I know I haven't gone on any big LV shopping sprees lately, but they are coming ;) I just need a favor from you. Does anyone have any pictures of the Sac Chasse? It looks beautiful and I really want this to be my first piece of LV luggage. It seems like a great carryon. Does anyone own one? How's it holding up?

    How's everyone doing by the way? I know with the rumored Price Increase people are getting a little frustrated, hey, I am too... oh well, the economy sucks right now. :sad: I hope it gets better... but when it does, I know companies WON'T be saying "hey, let's have a price DECREASE!" lol... That would be great though huh?

    Thanks again... and hope everyone's doing well! :smile:
  2. never heard of it...
  3. There is a pic of VB with one. I'll look.
  4. oooh, i like that!!!! i think its good for a carryon
  5. I love this carryon! It does look a bit big for a carryon. Do you know the dimensions?
  6. It does look big... The dimensions are 18.9x15.7x8.6 so I guess it's not that big.
  7. Hey you ... how have you been?

    Haven't seen you around here much lately ... are you over there in "H" land with all those orange boxes? LOL!

    That carryon looks awesome! You getting one? Don't forget to post pics ... take care of you!:hugs:
  8. I don't recommend the Sac Chasse as a carry-on, or as luggage period. My grandmother had one sometime ago and got rid of it; she hated it. Her biggest complaint that everything that's inside shifts because of fold down the middle; clothes end up wrinkled. The only airplane overhead bin it fits in comfortably is the 777; any other plane, and it'll have to be put in the flight attendant's closet. My biggest peeve about the bag was that the handle and strap attachment seemed flimsy; they were just like those rings that I used to keep my index card notes together in college.
  9. Hey Sweet! :smile: I haven't talked to you in what seems like FOREVER. I miss my shopping sprees lol. I am saving up for my next big one.. most likely in the end of May, early June. I wish I was over in H Land with the orange boxes. My closet is just full of brown ones lol... What are your next purchases? You've been on a roll lately though with the new bags and accessories.
  10. Eek that sounds like a horrible experience. What piece of luggage, would you get as a carryon piece? The Damier Vaslav is gorgeous too.
  11. go for the Vaslav or Keepall :tup:
  12. Well if it was up to me, my next purchase would be in big orange box but that ain't happening anytime soon:crybaby:

    I'm all caught up with Bals yummy colors right now.

    As for LV ~ I'm patiently waiting for the Aquarelle VVN, Vernis Alma in Violette and Epi Alma in Cassis.

    I like what's on your wish list there ... hope you get all of them soon!:heart:
  13. Thanks DD. :smile: The Vaslav is a gorgeous piece and a bit cheaper than the Sac Chasse.

    Thanks Sweet... :smile: Maybe we will both hit the lotto and run into each other at Hermés one day ;) Hey... you never know. The Vernis Alma looks amazing. Is there any word on prices yet? I wonder if the MM version is going to be the same size as the Voyage MM?