i need a favor from all you paddy owners out there (serial number tags)...

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    ^^ please post in authenticate this chloe. iluvboots from what I have seen newer bags will sometimes match the lining to the tag and sometimes the leather. I have seen this more on dark color bags or dark lined bags. I could be wrong but MOST bags I have seen that have the same color leather code as the bag have been fake for bright colors. Like red with red code. The fact is they change so much its hard to keep track...
  2. heylooow ladieees..

    HELP HELP HEEELP!!! i really need chloe paddington bag in tan colour and i saw the stupid webbie called zhefiry? anyone knows about this web? or please help me to analyze this :


    cause i am so sick of people who sells fake stuff and says it goddamn original..so i need ur professional eyes guys!!!

    do u know where can i buy this paddys in tan colour with reasonable price?? 9uuhm..let say under 500 pounds?


  3. so fake :throwup:

    Please read all of the reference material on this site

  4. Welcome to the chloe subforum... this is a fun place to be!:wlae:
    I am not based in the UK... However, several consignment stores carry paddies, like Ann Fabulous Finds...
    Sabine's boutique usually has paddies in stock.
    You can refer to Diabro.com, though some members dont approve of this shop although it sells authentic stuff.
    I got my baby paddy on ebay, though it takes a while to find your dream bag in good condition:sweatdrop:...
    I suggest adding a note to your signature (see My control panel) to let everyone know you are on the hunt for a tan paddy.
    Good luck!:tup:
  5. My first Paddington arrived today and the leather is WONDERFUL but I don't know if it is real for these reasons ..

    The lining is NOT corduroy. It is just a plain material lining - black like the bag .. and the serial number tag is different than any I have seen. The leather is a tan stiff - flat tag of leather and the number seems to be stamped in black ink rather than engraved.

    I think I need to package it up and return it, any comments? Came from eBay ..

  6. post it in the authenticate this thread and one of the lovely ladies will help you.
  7. [​IMG]

    that's the code on my paddy. It was purchased at Barneys in NYC.
  8. Really? I have a Paddington and i don´t find a Tag in it. I have asked in the authentic thread and she is not sure authentic or not.
  9. Hi, are all serial number tags sown in like the one on this picture you posted? Thanks
  10. Hi, do all bag have the serial number sown in this way without visible stitching??
  12. Chloe Paddington #03 06 56 4357??? Does this seem legit?

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