i need a favor from all you paddy owners out there (serial number tags)...

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  1. Nope...wish I did!!! I should have kept one of them in the Rouge...I have a 2005 Chocolate Brown Paddy! Still yummy, but not the RED! I could kick myself!
  2. OMG :nuts: i just died and went to heaven... thompk, that is a gorgeous Chloe collection.
  3. Hey All,

    Does anyone have a paddy where the serial number tag is sewn into the inside pocket with the stitches showing? ie visible? Normally, the inside pocket is sewn without a visible seam line. On all four of my paddies this is consistent. The s/n style and fonts vary, but the threads are always invisible. :confused1:

    On the authentication thread I am trying to verify a bag that otherwise looks flawless, so I don't want to get too wrapped around this, but I would like to know if I am going to bid. :s

    I saw one rouge bag on this thread where the s/n tag was sewn with stitches on the outside, but sewn very differently from the bag I am trying to validate.

    Just being super eBay-cautious!! :yes:
  4. I checked several of my Chloe bags and they were all bought at Nordstroms or Chloe and the fonts are different and so is the amount of numbers. 3 of my Paddys have tags with a smaller font a lots of numbers and the impression in the leather is light, while others (most of them) have a bigger font and a "normal" date code. My SA says it depends on what factory is making the bag.
  5. Right-- all the fonts are different, number configurations are different, but the *way* the seam is sewn is exactly the same on all my bags.

    Maybe I am just being nit-picky :roflmfao:
    (pity my real estate agent trying to find me a house!!) :Push:

  6. I think you should call a Chloe botique and ask them. They may be able to tell you if they are always swen the same way.

    Also, if there is any doubt I wouldn't get it... since it's on Ebay you can never be 100% sure. :Push:

  7. My first post and I just got a paddy for xmas and wanted to ensure its authenticity!! Many thanks :yahoo:
  8. Congratulations!!! If you have any doubts or questions about authenticity, you should definitely post pics in the Authenticate This Chloe thread located in the Chloe Shopping subforum to have it authenticated! I am sure it is fabulous!
  9. I have a 05 Rouge that has the stitches showing. Whereas my 06 Brun doesn't have the stitches showing. At first I thought my bag was a fake, but I knew I was just being paranoid because I bought it off a very reputable seller.

  10. Hi

    I am new here, hope you dont mind me jumping in.

    I recently bought 2 Paddingtons for my daughter, from different outlets.

    I noticed whilst looking round, there are so many inconsistencies, for eg.

    the serial tag you mentioned! different size font also font is different.

    the rivets on the inside plate of the metal, every single picture I see these rivets are different! Some are flat, some rounded, even the positioning is different.

    also on one of them the chloe on the key was totally different than any pics I have seen!

    Dust bag ~ I have 2 different sorts, one which is like a soft, furry material, with just Chloe on, the other two are canvas type with Chloe, Made In Italy on.

    It is no wonder that there are so many confused people out there.

  11. ^ I've never seen the canvas dust covers, before.

    All mine (for various different bags [no Paddys]) are the fuzzy kind, with just 'Chloe' in dark brown on them. :yes:

    Do you mind me asking where you bought them both?
  12. I Phoned Holt Renfrew in Calgary, Alberta (they are an Authorized Dealer of Chloe) and asked the sales girl to look inside the bag for a serial number on a leather tag on the inside zip pocket. She said there wasn't one! So why does everyone worry so much about the serial numbers? How does anyone really know what's real and what is not??
  13. I wonder if anyone can tell me if the numbers on the tags are deeply or just lightly embossed? The bowler I just got has numbers so deeply embossed that I can even feel little bumps from the other side. Is this normal?
    This is actually my first paddington, so I am kind of concerned.
    Many thanks!!
  14. Hi girls, I'm new here but have a question...I noticed that most of the leather tabs containing the date codes/serial numbers are a "beige" colored leather...I saw a couple that had the same colored leather as the bag, for example brown leather tab with serial code on a brown paddy...or red tab on a red paddy...anybody have any ideas on this? thanks all...
  15. I bought this large pocket paddy from another TPFer and am 100% sure it is authentic.
    Here is the date/serial tag.

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