i need a favor from all you paddy owners out there (serial number tags)...

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  1. Funny how some are sewn on with the bottom of the number against the bag, and some with the top of the number...
    They def. are not consistent which is a really good thing to know because I've heard some people say that if they are sewn on a certain direction they are fake.
    Thanks Amanda!! Indirectly very helpful to me ;)
  2. Here's a different one on my whiskey paddy from Chloe boutique in Tokyo. The tag is sewn on the shorter side and without dashes or dots in between the numbers. I did a post about it on this forum & another member said her Chloe large tan hobo bought from Neimans has this type of batch code tag as well. I'm relieved that it's not only my bag, or some sort of defect lol...
    I don't understand why Chloe don't keep things uniform :blink: ... it's like they make whatever.

  3. The reason they don't keep things uniform is to keep the fakers guessing by changing little details here and there. Unfortunately, that has led to members being alarmists and misinforming other members about what constitutes a fake.
  4. ^^ that makes sense, but Balenciaga keeps things the same and fakers get it wrong all the time. It's the craftmanship (font detail, stitching) and materials (hardware) that are always the dead givaways.
  5. Hi All,

    Is it possible for two bags to have the same serial number??

  6. From what I have heard yes it is possible.
  7. Hmmm, interesting! I don't really know enough about the serial number/datecode for Chloe, but I did comment on the place where you purchased it from on the authentic thread. You can PM me if you have anymore queries about the authenticity of what I have bought from them. I am sure that I have seen that serial number/datecode somewhere else on this forum before...whether that means its fake I don't know. I hope that it isn't, is there any chance you can return it or have you had it for a while?
  8. Michelle77- yes it's definitely possible for paddies to have the exact same tag & numbers. The numbers are not serial numbers actually, but they are batch code which shows production month & year, and model number.
  9. Ah, I didn't realize you had bumped this thread as I was runneth off at the keyboard!:shame: Then I looked at the date stamps prior to your message and oops, I see what you were trying to convey now. I just don't want members to be alarmed and think their bags are fake because of details like font size, zippers, etc.

  10. No problem roey!

    I guessed that might have been what happened! :biggrin:

    Michelle's bag is definitely a fake, though. It was bought on www.branded.net which is on the fake selling website thread on the Authenticate This! forum.

    It also has real issues; like large, very straight stitches on the leather on the padlock (instead of diagonal stitches) and a bizarre, hand engraved logo on the metal plate (instead of the usual embossing). :huh:
  11. Attached is a pic of my mousse serial number:
    Mousse = 02-06-51-5191
    I bought this bag in June '06 from Joan Shepp

    Attached is a pic of my mousse serial number:
    Choco = 02-06-51-5191
    I bought this bag in July '06 from Nordstrom

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  12. Here's my paddy from LVR which has 10 digits serial code with blocks in between (1 more version...!!)
    My 2 other paddys have only 6 digits with bigger font without blocks:P

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  13. I couldn't have said it better!! I had an entire collection that I was selling & each and everyone of them had a different color, font, or style of tag...one was on the left...one on the right...AND only was shopping at NM, SFA, & Bloomingdales...not one was fake!

    I will tell you...at the time...I WAS concerned so I called a few Chloe Boutiques and said EXACTLY what Roey said above! Here is a pic (this was only one lot...I had SO many more..)from when I was selling & LOVING Paddys!!

    Don't worry so much about the tags...you can smell it in the leather...and the quality!:upsidedown: :smile:

    Hope this helps!!

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  14. Thompk- your collection is amazing!!

    Do you still have the rouge??
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