i need a favor from all you paddy owners out there (serial number tags)...

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  1. ok, i'm the paddington police, and i take my job seriously, so i need some help.

    i need all the paddy owners out there that got their bags from saks, neimans, a chloe boutique or anyone else specifically authorized to sell chloe (no ebay or secondhand bags, please - i'm trying to control my sample a little bit so i know i'm only getting bags that are real beyond a shadow of a doubt) to take a pic of the ID number/date stamp/code number/whatever inside the pocket of their bag and post it here for me to see - i've heard such conflicting things about what the size of the type on the tag should be that i want to put it to rest once and for all. thanks so much! i really appreciate the help, i want to make sure that i know all i can.
  2. My digital camera is charging, but I will try to take one for you tomorrow when it's got juice. I bought mine from NAP. Honestly, I've never looked at the tag you're referring to :lol: :shame:
  3. Amanda, do you mean the tag with the serial number on it? Inside the inside pocket?
  4. I will try to get a pic of mine before I send it back, but my flash is washing it out so I will have to do it tomorrow in daylight. I can tell you it is stamped in really small "print" and is four sets of numbers. One of the numbers is 2006, I am assuming since this is when the bag was made.
  5. do you need the serial number tag?
  6. I have been told by Chloe that it's not a serial number but a date code by which they can track when and at which factory it's made. However, this tag can vary in size so it's not much help in identifying a real bag.
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  7. will do!
  8. mmk, that's interesting because i've seen people claim that ONLY the tags with large print are real, etc. which is why i made this thread, lol. to all those that asked, yes, the little date code tab inside the pocket. i was having a brain fart and couldn't remember exactly what the number meant last night. i'd still like to see pics!
  9. so here comes mine purchased from NAP, sorry for the poor quality if you need a better one I'll try again :shame:

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  10. here's another one
    the datecode is:01 06 53. Hope this helps:biggrin:

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  11. thanks tanja!
  12. For anyone who posts, definitely watermark your pics!
  13. i purchased my paddington from Nordstrom, so i'm sure it's authentic, but i cannot find a serial number tag anywhere in or on the bag :weird:

  14. here is mine purchased from NAP. it says 01-06-53

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  15. I have problems posting to the site. Can I email you the pics? Mine was bought from Neimans. It is 01-06-53 on the left hand seam of the inside zipper part. If flat in bag, tag is vertical.