I need a EDITH!!

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  1. I cant believe.. myself.. yesterday I still thinking I DONT LIKE EDITH!!

    but today I woke up.. I feel like, I need to buy one!! isn't that crazy??

    I tried to email NAP and LVR for any information for the future shippment of edith but.. no reply so far...

    Where else can I purchase a Edith??!! :sad2:
  2. I am still waiting for mine to come into NM where I live (I am number one on the waiting list for the whiskey). I don't want it anymore though but still want to see it in person. If you have not found one by then, I can always PM you and you can buy it!
  3. jag~ thank you, pls let me know once u receive it..

    I know it is a bit late for me to waitlist or order it at this period of time but I really want one now!
  4. Call bob ellis shoes and ask for Troy. They are getting some. You can pre order.

  5. Ron Herman is taking pre-orders for grey and whiskey Ediths, but they are for pre-fall delivery (July/August). The number is 714-540-9875.
  6. Edith *sigh* :love: What color are you thinkin of purchasing?
  7. Does Bob ellis and Ron Herman ship to overseas? do they have any contact email or website?


    I am not so sure, maybe whiskey or chocolate?
  8. I'm not sure about shipping overseas, but you can call. The website is bobellisshoes.com

    Good luck!
  9. No problem! I will PM you when it comes in. :biggrin:
  10. I got a reply from LVR, they are not expecting anymore Edith...

    another replied from NAP which lucie told me that they are expecting some grey color and whiskey.. ( I hope I dont have to wait too long)

    and Aloharag will be carrying the edith at next season to0!!
  11. Don't trust the reps I say and keep checking back. They replied saying they weren't bringing in anymore Whiskey Paddys and I checked yesterday and lo and behold.. Whiskey Paddy was listed as AVAILABLE!! Thankfully I opted for the Taupe colour in the end, but less fortunately that's the only colour that's still on pre-order. :suspiciou
  12. NAP said they would get the turquoise Edith, too. That was last month, and they were not sure when it was coming in...but something to look for if you like that color (I do!).
  13. I just saw the Edith in Chamois at my local NM. I didn't look too hard to see what other colors they might have. They were having their Trunk Show, so you might want to give them a call.

    (619) 692-9100 - ask for Jason. He's my SA and super nice, and not pushy at all!

  14. I'm on the waitlist for the Chamois color. What did you think of the color?
  15. NAP told me they are expecting some more edith on their site " shortly" .. i dont know it means this week or this month or this quarter of the year!!