I need a dress for a wedding I will be attending on Sept.9th YIKES!

  1. OK ladies I need some help. I have been looking and looking and cant seem to find a dress for this wedding. Its coming up fast and I still dont have anything to wear. I have one dress but its not what i want to wear its to long. Lemme show you:

    [​IMG] Except mine has a line of rinestones right under the breast line... I got it on sale and i bought it last minute for a very special event i was going to. It looks good on me but i should have got it one size smaller. The dress was orignial $189 I got it for $100. I tried to exchange/return it but the store was not having it since i had taken the tags off. But anyways.

    I do not want to spend over $150 for the dress and I want it to be a little longer pass my knees and not all the way to the floor any suggestions? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hehe - i've not long had this dilemma - then there's the shoes...the bag...:graucho:

    Loving that dress^^

    What colour?
    Plain or patterned?
    Do you have shoes and a bag already sorted?

    I've just got a beautiful floral dress for my brothers wedding on the 16th Sep - it really flatters and fits well. (See the thread 'Please can i have some opinions' if you're interested) :flowers:
  3. Try Jcrew.com & Go To The Little Black Dress Shop. They Have A Ton & Alot Are In Your Price Range
  4. Size 8-10-12 depending on material
    Juniors 11-13
    or Med,Large

    Color im thinkin Black, Navy, Red or anything nice
    No patterns

    I have tons of gold, silver, black shoes and a purse to match so jus depending on the dress i can go from there for the rest!!

    thank you for the concern ladies!!! really apperciate all the help i can get
  5. Unsungdesigners Phyl Casual Brittany Dress.jpg
  6. Havent found "the" dress yet :sad:
  7. passerby is that made of jean?
  8. [​IMG]$48.99 only comes in black

    Opions pelase!!!!!

    [​IMG] $71.99

    (all sale prices)



    [​IMG] $69
  9. I found this thread really interesting because I also have a wedding on September 9th that I need a dress for. However I also have a wedding on the 10th and 16th!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  10. Oh I should add one more thing! I will be getting my hair done like the Jessica Simpson ad that was posted yesturday!! I had that in mind a few weeks ago and once i saw the ad i knew it would be a winner!!!
  11. shopalot is it 3 different weddings for 3 differnt ppl ??
  12. Yep!!!
    I am a bridesmaid in the Sept 16th wedding so that's a bit of a relief (I don't have to worry about the dress or maybe I do because it's still not in yet and it definately needs altering:censor: )
    but the other two I need to find something...:girlsigh:
  13. Oh wow! So you have a busy sept!! hehe well good luck i hope ur bridesmaid dress comes in ASAP! do u have a photo of it?
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