I need a Daphne bag!!!

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  1. I am trying to find a brown leather Daphne coach. Does anyone know where I can get one????
  2. I've been looking for a black Daphne for months and the only place seems to be eBay and I'm not ready to spend that much $$$$ and take the chance of it being a fake. You can call your local Coach outlet -- if you have one -- and ask them to keep a look out for one if it shows up at the store. They can even locate one for you at one of the outlets if there is any available. That's what I've done, unfortunately, I've not gotten one because I want one in black.
  3. I think if you find one on ebay and get it authenticated by PFers in the Coach Authenticate This thread then you're fairly safe. Good luck finding your Daphnes! It's a gorgeous bag, so definitely worth the effort!!!
  4. I'm obsessed w/ this bag too!!! It is beautifula nd I would also loooove to find it in black. Good luck to us!