I need a cute Wrap Dress!!!

  1. Ok girls - I need your links/suggestions etc...my son is graduating from the 8th grade and I decided that I need a cute wrap dress for the occassion because it will be near/on the beach so it will be a bit chilly so long sleeves and a light material will be perfect.

    any suggestions??? THANK YOU!!
  2. You can't go wrong with a Diane Von Furstenberg dress. Her wrap dresses are THE best. I'll be back with some photos.
  3. Aren't these gorgeous??

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. DVF of course! That blue one is super cute!
  5. ok yaaaa that's way cute. I will head down to nordy's on my way out this afternoon and try a couple on...I love the chocolate one!
  6. I have the black DVF I love the fit.
  7. Do you have any boutiques that stock Issa, as they also do nice wraps?
  8. I agree about DVF....you can't go wrong. Also, I think BCBG has a few that are cute right now.
  9. do the DVF dresses have some stretch? I have curves that need to be properly addressed lol
  10. I actually saw one in Jade by bcbg which I thought would fit nice since it was made out of jersey so it would be a bit forgiving around the bust/booty/hips areas
  11. ya that one is way cute, but I have a jessica rabbit type body with a small waist, large bosom and butt and curvy waist/and thighs. I absolutely love my body but I do have to be careful what i wear to accentuate it and not look like a hussy or a fool LOL!

    this dress has puffy sleeves which along with my bustline will be way way too much going on, and the way the skirt ruffles at the bottom wont give me any flattery with my thicker upper thighs/midsectsion.

  12. [​IMG]

    this one might actually work...does anyone have any accent color suggestions for shoes/bags??
  13. omg i just tried to buy the green one and it's not available to ship until august..wth?? blah.