I need a cute cross bag. Can Keira be the one?

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  1. I like to wear a bag crossed my body. Do you think I can wear keira as a cross bag?

    Do they have one in white?
  2. I don't believe there ever was a white Keira. I had one and it was darling but small. I doubt it could be a cross body bag as the strap is a shoulder bag but not terribly long. Unless maybe you are very very tiny.
  3. I just got the Meredith today - the longer strap on that bag can definitely be worn across the body. The style of this bag is very siimilar to Miu Miu's Coffer bag - the longer shoulder strap on the Meredith is a lot like the strap on the Coffer bag

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  4. I've had 2 Keira's, no way can you wear it cross-body, the strap is too short. I'm thinking the strap drop is about 11" or 12", so unless you're really, tiny it's not going to work!
    The Annie has a real similar look to Keira, but with a cross-body length strap. It's a larger bag, but will give you the same look with a longer strap. Check the threads, there's pictures, here's one:
  5. Thank you so much, ladies~
    I am such a newbie here. Thank you for your help.