I need a cute chanel bag

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  1. i'm looking for a new chanel bag.

    Preferably black; something classy and mid sized, but fun :smile:

    any suggestions?!
  2. classic black jumbo caviar flap ;)
  3. Valentine :smile:
  4. get a black classic caviar in the gold hw- medium/large size

    or the

    2.55 black matte reissue with gold hw in the 225 small or 226 medium size.

    both are cute, both are classy and def a timeless piece which has been in thing for decades!!
  5. god bless chanel! lol..
  6. I wanted to recommend a Black classic jumbo caviar/maxi (My HG now :P) but you mentioned medium size , so i'll recommend medium classic caviar or 226 black reissue!! ;)
  7. Your description sounds like the valentine's bag! ;)
  8. Valentine...
  9. I can't get my head round the idea that the classic bag in black is...cute..........HELP ~
  10. My first tought: Valentine.
  11. valentine!
  12. another vote for the classic black caviar flap M/L
  13. Leo flap! Its fierce and fun...