I need a conseil

  1. I need a bag for everyday's life (it means going to work) so pick the bus, carrying a lot of things, also magazines (for work)... two options:
    1. cougar: it's perfect 'cause it has also a pocket (very important to me)
    BUT it's masculine.
    2. lock-it horizontal, not pockets, but more feminine.

    So the ancient dilemma: pleasure or duty?
    Thank you!:flowers:
  2. How about a Cabas Piano? That's useful! :yes:
  3. Oh, thank you for your conseil,
    ...I thougt a lot, about all the items... and at last the two that remained are lock-it horizontal and couguar... help me decide one of these two...
  4. HL for sure:love: It'll carry heaps and as for pockets you can always add a purseket :yes:
  5. i like the lock it - which I plan to get to use as my everyday bag...very useful, professional too!
  6. Batignolles Horizontal perhaps? It doesn't have a Vachetta bottom to worry about! Honestly I didn't like the Lockit Horizontal when I first saw it, but it's now growing on me now that I've seen forum members with it...
  7. if i were to choose betwee your two options..i would go for the lockit although i hate the design of the lockit (sorry!!) but then i'd say you could also look at the BH, BV (i like this), damier chelsea? or even saleya MM or GM? damier's an all-weather line..and you can definitely throw it around at work and keep its beauty!
  8. I saw a lockit horizontal for the first time in real life last night. Very pretty. It looked like it would hold a lot. Out of your two choices, I'd go for the lockit.
  9. Or a speedy 30 with a strap!
  10. The lockit has a vachetta bottom I would avoid that.
  11. ITA:yes:
  12. I like both BUT would vote for the lockit .. I love the shape of the lockit:love:
  13. I don´t think the Cougar is masculine (nor does my bf :biggrin:), it´s beautiful!
  14. another vote for lockit :heart:
  15. i prefer the BV. i think its a perfect bag to carry everything. lol