I Need a Coffee Cup!

  1. Has Coach ever made one?
  2. I don't know if Coach ever made one, but I know that some people have gone to Starbucks and gotten the clear cups that you can put pictures in and made their own.
  3. I dont think so.
    But that would be an awesomeee idea!
  4. Wasn't it PyAri that did that? *can't remember*

    It looked SO cute. I wish I drank coffee because I would totally do that. *L*
  5. Batgirl made it but gave to to pyari, you can see a pic of it in the raok reveal thread.. pg 87, it's really cute. :smile:
  6. i want one too
  7. Oh she did? Okay, well I knew PyAri had it. *L* It was so stinkin' cute.
  8. i'll be checking that photo out ;) sounds mightly cute and innovative for a coach savvy girl
  9. I don't think so...