i need a cles

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  1. I have a mono papillon 26 and kind of want a groom cles. What would you guys recommend??
  2. go for the groom cles :smile: its cute.
    if you're worried about the rub off then just go for the mono or even damier.

  3. :yes: :yes:
  4. mono is fine, it will perfectly match your pap 26 :yes:
  5. oohh thanks. I was thinking the plain monogram or the groom because its so cute
  6. I like the Groom :smile: it's cute :smile:
  7. The groom is cute, and fun to hang on your bag, as it is different and adds some color :smile:
  8. that sounds like a winner then. I was gonna go for that too. Well I will tell my hubby to buy me that for christmas :smile:
  9. red vernis or mono....
  10. that would be cute too
  11. I suggested them because they are so classic and you will never tire of them and they go with everything...groom cles does not look good when you are going to something formal...IMO it is more causal whereas the mono or vernis will go with everything from casual to more dressy....more elegant IMO..groom more whimsical and fun...I bought the wallet because it stays in my bag...the cles is always out on display...love the groom agenda and wallets because they can be tucked in your bag...good luck
  12. I love the groom cles - he always looks like he is in a hurry - much like my own life!
  13. I prefer the more SQUARE shape of the cles (mc or suhali) over the rounded cles's like the mono groom, damier, ect...

    I have a germanium Suhali and I have got nothing but compliments on it!

    the color is so HOT!
  14. ooo get it! I have a damier cles and a vernis in rogue one =] in the past i've had a mandarin one, lavender, and white multicolore one. they're alll sooooo handy and cute, esp the vernis and the ltd ones.
  15. Either the Mono or Groom will match....so go for the Groom since you think it's so cute!