i need a classic and elegant bag. HELP!

  1. for my 21st my mother has said she is willing to buy me a bag. the only thing is it cant be a trend bag (i.e. not something that ill only use for a few seasons), it has to be grown up and something i can use for work as well as everyday.
    im looking for something around the £1000 mark so thats up to $2000.
    any ideas?
    i would really like a fendi spy but im not sure id still want to use it in a few years time.

    this is my favourite so far
  2. I think the Spy isnt truly timeless personally.
    Have you checked out any Chanels? There's a TON of great styles that most people don't know about.
  3. yeah I agree that Fendi spy is a bit trendy. I'd suggest a Chanel classic flap or a vintage Hermes Kelly. Both are elegant and timeless!
  4. i love that fendi and i had a paddy but sold it bacause it was so heavy.
    i might chck out chanel, maybe im being naive but will i get a chanel for £1000?
  5. ITA Chanel is a true classic. I love the Spy too but I don't see that as a timeless bag, or at least not one to start a collection with if you KWIM.
  6. ^ if you're going to get a chanel, you should get one before the next price increase. You can definitely get one for under $2000 right now.
  7. I don't own any Chanel bags, but I've always felt that Chanel screams classic and elegant :smile:
  8. Definitely Chanel for classic and elegant. I would suggest a GST or Cerf Tote.
  9. Maybe an Hermes Trim or Gucci Jackie - the style has been around for awhile, and they are great casual bags. Unless you want something for evening, then Chanel Classic Flap would be a great choice. The Chanel Cerf tote is a great 'career' look.
  10. Chanel GST. It's very classy and can be used for work. How fun! New bag shopping is always exciting.
  11. Classic, but maybe not too elegant but something you would wear for a long time - Mulberry Bayswater?
    Fendi Spy, nice but TOO trendy and not classic enough.
    LV - epi leather?
  12. Classic...
    Louis Vuitton -- Alma
    Hermes Kelly
    Maybe a bit too serious for you though... however it (the style) will last longggg...
    Meanwhile you can play around with the accessories to lessen the 'career-seriousness' ... just a suggestion :jammin:
  13. Get a Chanel! They're timeless. The new bags are so gorgeous and you wouldnt regret using them after a couple of years.

    I've had a baby spy for a couple of months now and was planning to get the spy. However, the leather is starting to blush so I put the Spy on hold. IMO, you won't regret buying a chanel
  14. Chanel - it's a great investment and will never date