I need a Chanel consultant : ) Any suggestions on the best SA out there as far as

  1. knowledge of bags and advice to give. I really want to use my NM credit to purchase a bag for Spring and would like to do it in the next few months, but I don't have great access to a b&m store to see the bags myself and am so torn about what to get.

    I am sure I want a classic bag, but still one that feels young and fresh. Who knew one could spend so much time debating this :yes:
  2. A young and fresh flap? How about the Modern Chain Flap?

    I always recommend my NM Chanel SA, she a Chanel Specialist. LMK if you want her info.
  3. I would love to know who your SA is. Mine left the store. There's not much of a selection and it's too hard to decide without trying the bag on. I need direction too for future purchases.
  4. I highly recommend Lisa Hamlin from NM. Her number is (248) 635-8442. SHe is by far the best SA I have worked with!!
  5. My gal is Shannon at the NM in Plano Tx - The Shops of Willowbend.
    The store # is {877}634.6265, ask for handbgas then ask for her.
    Or her voicemail is {972}629.1700 ext 1301
    Tell her Amanda says Hello!
  6. Thanks so much! I'm an ex-New Yorker who has totally lost her fashion sense. Not to mention, since I turn 51 this month, I'm having an identity crisis in fashion and in life! I definitely am not growing old gracefully, rather kicking and screaming the whole way down.
  7. I'm in Texas, Amanda, so it seems right to talk with another Texas gal.
  8. Hi again--just posting that I think I am actually going to use the manager at the store where I bought my first Chanel. It requires switching from the SA who sold that one to me, which makes me feel guilty, but I think she is a better fit.
  9. That's true, I'm working with her right now and even though I'm in Germany we're having a great communication. I'll call her today to see if she found what I was looking for.:smile:
  10. David @ the Chanel Boutique in Bellagio, Las Vegas was excellent! I will be buying from him again if my local boutique does not carry the stock I want.
  11. Another recommendation for Lisa...she is beyond wonderful!
  12. I spoke with Shannon on the phone. So cute and very energetic. AND very helpful.