I need a Cambon

  1. I desperately want a black Chanel Cambon, I live no where near a Chanel, and have not been able to find any authentic ones online. Can anyone help? If I call a Chanel boutique wuill they ship one to me?
  2. call and ask!
  3. Yes, they will ship over to you.
  4. 0o0o0 what cambon do you want???
  5. Yes they will ship to you. :yes: If they don't have what you are looking for at that particular boutique then they should be able to locate it for you at another boutique. At least that's what they did with a pair of shoes that I was looking for. I called NY and they located my size in Houston I think? and they are being shipped to me.
  6. Call - and they will take down your information and ship to your billing address :smile: box + bow+ everything :smile:
  7. Any Chanel will ship to you. I just purchased the large one in black with white C's and they shipped it from Hawaii and I am on the East Coast.
  8. i think shes out of the country guys lol
  9. Chanel ship out of country as well.
    But if any custom fees, you have to pay then yourself.