I need a Burberry scarf.....

  1. Where do you ladies buy your scarves??? Also, do these go on sale??? I've seen them as low as $99.00 on Amazon, but are they authentic??? I'm normally on the LV forum, but I've taken a loving to these scarves and must have one.:yes: Thanks in advance ladies.
  2. I've gotten mine at Neiman Marcus on sale. Go on the burberry site as well. They've got them on sale as well.
  3. Thank you. I looked at Nordie's the other day but the sa said that they never go on sale because they can just put them out again for next year. I don't know if this is true or not, but if they can discount them at the outlets then they should go on sale at the department store too.
  4. if you want em on sale, best bet is outlets. they usually have the cashmere check ones for like $169...but generally in non-novacheck colors. i got mine on sale at bluefly.com, but i feel like that was a one-time thing they had. 2nd best bet would be to watch burberry.com, neiman's online, and Saks. Nordstrom.com has burberry stuff as well but i've never seen scarves on sale there.
  5. I got mine at the store. Deep red cashmere, purchased in April 2005 on sale for $223.
  6. I have a cashmere novacheck (classic burberry print) scarf and got it from Saks about 2 years ago. If memory serves, it was about $300.00


    I haven't worn it all winter :sad:. Instead, I've been wearing cheap-o knit scarves. Sometimes I fear the novacheck looks a bit too pretentious :s - especially being I've been a tad more boho as of late :yes:. Burberry and boho are not a match made in fashion heaven :lol:
  7. I just got a pink Wool Burberry scarf at the outlet in Tullalip (sp?) for $50. I also bought a blue Cashmere Nova check (nova check around the border) for $129 -- such good deals!!!! I would say thats your best bet :smile:

    Also.... my original Nova Check scarf I bought from Holts on a day they were having a 25% off everything sale, so the regular $315+ tax cost me around $260.
  8. I was just in the Burberry Outlet at Vacaville (had no idea it was there - went to look for something at Coach and it's right across from it). They had a lot of scarves in - both wool and cashmere in a ton of different styles and colors. The prices ranged from $99 to $169 on the ones I looked at. The store was packed with merch and there were some sale items as well.