I need a bubblegum 08 pt with GGH. Anyone seen one? Or can go look (ducking)

  1. I'm tired of relying on salespeople to send whatever, I want a bag with kick ass leather! Can anyone go look for me and put a bag on hold so I can phone in and order?
  2. There was one at my NM with a kick ass leather.:p Do you want me to check for you?
  3. Yes please!
  4. Hope it works out. Nanaz has great taste!!!!
  5. I think a few Neimans have it. I also noticed it at Style Drops, although I don't know how helpful they are.

  6. I will take care of it for you this evening.;)
  7. :shame::tender:
  8. ^^^ I would definitely trust Nanaz to pick out a bag for me. :smile:
  9. Aww, you ladies are making me blush.:shame: I am driving to NM this evening and i will call her from there to explain the leather to her and if every thing goes well, hopefully she'll have her BG Pink bag.:sweatdrop: I know how fussy we are with our leather.:rolleyes:
  10. Hi Nanaz, can you keep your eyes open for any nice accessories :yes: please!!! Esspecially the older ones...

    I really want to try and track down some anthracite accessories.

  11. Hi Jim
    Sure, i will report back what they had in accessaries. :tup:
  12. Sorry Jim there was no Anthracite. :sad:This is what they had:
    08 Magenta shoulder, 08 Magenta Money wallet, 08 BG Pink wallet w/GH, Steel money wallet, Black money wallet, White money wallet w/SH, Ivory money wallet, Black shoulder, Truffle money wallet, and Black and truffle mini wallet w/mirror. The only ones that i really liked were the GSH White money wallet and the Ivory money wallet. Not really impressed with the rest.:nogood:
  13. Hi Nanaz, you're the best! Thanks for thinking of us here. I've been tempted with the new Sahara and White Money's with GGH. Not so sure about the Ivory as that looks too white, I'd prefer to find a Natural, or even a Griege.


  14. Jim...I must confess....I think you're one of the few guys in this world who knows so much about Bal.

  15. Hi nanaz! Which NM were you at may I ask? How was the BG money with GGH? Thanks so much!!!!!!