I need a black bag....HELP!!!

  1. Hello, everyone.

    I just got the call to go pick up my speedy that was in for repairs. Since I have to go to the boutique, I figure I should get some shopping done. So...as you all know I was interested in getting the biker bag, but I have been having some doubts as to how much use I will actually get out of it. I really need a black bag, but I do not like the epi line. It comes down to a suhali lockit or the black biker bag. I'm pretty casual, and I will be using it at least 2x a week. Enablers are WELCOME!!!!!!

    Also, how do you all feel about the evidence sun glasses? I fell in love, but I am not sure if they will look good on me, and if they are a good style, that I will wear for some time, and not just a passing trend. If anyone has LV sunglasses, what is the difference between eastern and western fit? Will they adjust the glasses for me? Are the lenses really good at protecting your eyes? I suffer from increasing light sensitivity, so this is important? Any opinions are appreciated. TIA;);)
  2. u HAVE to get the biker iot is so amazing u can always get the suhali but omg the biker is tdf as for the sunglasses ive found that my lv sunnies arent fantastic for blocking the sun.
    i still think that my fendi sunglasses are the best with uv rays
  3. the motard biker is sooooo heavy, I think it would hurt your arm if you carried it in the crook of your arm. It is fab but jsut keep the weight in mind. I am loving my new Mahina XL noir, so light and comfortable for a big bag!
  4. First, I love your Chanels!!! Thanks for the input. I really need more of an everyday bag, and while I love the Biker, it just doesn't seem very "everyday" to me. KWIM

    I definitely want it, but I need a black bag, I want it to be LV but if neither suits my purpose, maybe I'll hit the Chanel forum.
  5. Thanks, I really need a great pair of shades, and I am willing to pay the price for them. I tried searching the forum, but there really isn't that much info on sunglasses.
  6. You must get the black biker! That bag is one fabulous, major drool-worthy bag!! You can always get the Suhali Lockit later on, but the biker is LE!

    As for the sunglasses --- western and eastern fit depends on the bridge of your nose. Since I am Asian, I usually have to get the eastern fit to get the sunglasses to fit just right. The lenses with the landscape tint to them are the best for what you are looking for. Good luck with your decisions!
  7. Thnaks!! Do you know which sunglasses have the landscape tint by any chance?
  8. i agree that the biker isn't really an everyday type bag. but between that and the lockit, i'd get the biker.

    my suggestion for a black everyday bag would be the neo cabby :smile:
  9. Suhali lockit...it is soooooooooo classy and elegant. Sorry, not much help with the sunglasses. Dont forget to post pics later
  10. definitely suhali lockit :yes:. i'm too thinking of getting a LV black bag and after days & months of thinking it's definitely suhali lockit in black for me :biggrin:
    sorry i don't wear sunnies so no help here.
  11. Thanks guys. I've been needing a black bag for quite some time now, so I am really looking forward to tomorrow. I have an exhibit to see at 1:00 and I will be hitting the stores right after, so please keep the suggestions, and advise coming..I'll check in right before I leave. I can't wait!!!
  12. I love the Suhali Lockit in Noir ... it's classy and timeless! It can easily be an everyday bag as well!
  13. I would definitely go for the suhali lockit. I think it's classy, but relaxed too. I don't know much about LV sunnies, but if you look at the online catalog it will say landscape in the name of the sunnies for the sunnies that come with landscape lenses.
  14. if you want an everyday bag in black, but not in Epi, what about Mahina XL Noir?
  15. So I went to LV today, and they were out on both bags:crybaby::crybaby: What I did get to see were the pulp bags. The yellow color is TDF makes a great travel bag. Its not my taste but its cute nonetheless