I need a bit of Itunes help....

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  1. I did a itunes search and the results didn't really help me with this specific question....Well, I just bought DH an ipod for his birthday (with a special engraving--I CANT WAIT to give it to him!! I digress.....) and I already have itunes on my computer from my itouch but he and I have TOTALLY different tastes in music. Is there a way to download a totally different itunes so our music doesn't mix? I'm thinking it would be a total hassle to have to check and uncheck which music I want everytime I sync mine, not to mention he has 100's of cds I know he'll be putting on there, dwarfing my collection and making it that much harder to find my own music. Or is there an area for different music 'folders' or something? I'm just looking for a way to keep our music apart....Thanks!:smile:
  2. There is a setting/control panel-type thing in itunes for each ipod (when it's plugged in). This allows you to check only certain playlists.

    Sorry I can't be more specific. I'm at work and don't have itunes on this computer!
  3. thanks! I guess I'll only be able to check that out once I have the ipod? (it should be arriving tomorrow)
  4. I am pretty sure you can create itunes accounts for both ipods. And if you want to share music between the two you can authorize each other's ipods to share library's.
    It's under the store tab. When an individual ipod is plugged in you can manually share music, or select playlists to share.
  5. I KNOW its possible, I just have no idea how to do it. My SO and I both have iPods & when I plug mine in, it comes up as "Valeen's iPod" and when he plugs his in it comes up as "Shannon's iPod." I dont know how he did it, but it IS possible.
  6. I just read that you havent gotten the iPod yet. When you get it, plug it in and iTunes will recognize that its a new iPod.
  7. Thanks so much for your help everyone! I get nervous when he's around itunes only because on christmas he accidently erased all of my sisters 1000 songs off her ipod and she freaked out!!:wtf: (rightfully so, id say!) So to have him so close to my music library makes me a little nervous! I'll have to give him a tutorial when I give him the ipod and I just want to make sure I know exactly what I'm doing.....:idea:
  8. In order to put songs on the Ipod you plug it in and pick the play list you want to download. All you have to do is keep separate play lists and pick your own to download. It always asks you if you want to sync your ipod when you download, and make sure you pick the right play list.