I need a Birkin... and a drink... and a ciggie

  1. Trying to buy a house is enough to drive a girl insane :noggin::blink:

    I need a birkin i can hug right now :p
  2. I know what you mean, buying houses is hideous :push:

    Here´s a Birkin for ya:whistle:
  3. Thanks Nola.

    We are dealing with a seller whose house has sat on the market since August... and the guy is being a complete idiot. :cursing:
  4. Sorry Roo! I've been reading that a lot of sellers haven't grasped the fact that the housing "correction" has made it a bit easier for BUYERS to get a better price w/o having to make decisions in 24 hours!

    When we were buying things weren't too bad but, a year later places were getting HUGE amounts of offers that were more than 100,000 over asking prices! YIKES!

    Those times have passed, and I'm sorry your seller hasn't woken up from that happy-go-lucky time!

    Take a deep breath and picture ORANGE! That usually works!

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks ATG.

    This guy is being even more dumb because he has new construction he needs to move INTO by early April. If he does not sell his current house and can't close on the new one, he'll lose his earnest money.

    The problem that we're having is that he advertised the house which is semi rural as having a certain number of bedrooms. Turns out one of the rooms was added later and they never got the septic certified for the additional room by the county.

    We are requiring him to do that as a condition of the sale and he actually came back and tried to claim that the room was an "office" and not a bedroom, even though it was listed in the MLS that way and he even has a BED IN THERE! We want the septic checked and then re-certified by the county because it will make it harder for US to sell someday too.

    So our response was, fine, if you tell us there is one less bedroom, then that means you'll be selling us a smaller house = LESS MONEY ??

    People are soooo dumb..... :rolleyes:
  6. Aww Roo--I am so with you on the house buying crap! DH and I found our dream house and had our offer accepted contingent on us selling our house. Well- the market has really changed and we couldn't sell our house in the specified time and lost our contract:sad: I'm sorry you are going through this with the seller-it is such a frustrating thing. Go get yourself a gorgy birkin as a consolation!!!
  7. That's probably why it's been on the market for so long. Great house, Bad seller - kinda like eBay :smile:

    Good Luck to you and what kind of drink would you like?
  8. I hope everything works out for you. Good luck...
    You can hug my Kelly and here's something to make you feel better..
  9. OMG Buyers can seem like they are smoking crack when they are unloading!!

    Our seller was all about walking us around the house trying to sell us her old furniture for 60% of it's "buying" price - from 14 years ago!! It was obviously pretty nice back then, but like popsicle sticks and toothpicks now! We were like... um, no thanks :yes:
  10. Thanks ladies... :heart:

    The other problem is that this guy's agent is a complete AMATEUR, which is why he's in the situation he's in to begin with.

    We are working with a very experienced husband and wife team of agents. They are what I call "real real estate agents" in that they are total professionals. They said they would have sorted the septic out before even LISTING that property... Gah :rolleyes:

    I really hope this works out somehow- we've been looking for over a year and my husband is in love with this place. It is a smaller house but it's on a 1 acre wooded lot with stream in the back- in a very desirable development with a country club, etc.

    I need a birkin so I can bean that seller upside the head and knock some sense into him :roflmfao:
  11. TEQUILA! :nuts:
  12. Oh Roo! It sounds HORRIBLE! Let's skip fancy margaritas, and go straight for shots!

    ...then we'll all hit H for some much needed retail therapy!

    That guys sounds like an IDIOT!
  13. Good luck Roo. Hope everything works out for ya sooner than later. I can see why you need a drink.