I need a bag

Oooh... get the BR Kempton simple shoulder bag

It is an awesome size.. is near your price range... and is quite a great bag!! I've seen several of these on women around the city, and I felt them up at the store, they're actually good quality...

I think what I like most about the bag is the braided strap that goes underneath the bag. you can't see it in the stock photos
I was just on bluefly and they had a several great bags in your price range. Check out some of the Via Spiga bags on bluefly, they are really sharp!
What about this GAP??it's very inexpensive, costs less than 50$ and IMO is very nice and fresh for summer, even for going to the seaside....

or there's this Banana Republic i really like, but it's 190

or finally this large hobo, always from banana republic...for 178$