I need a bag...^^

  1. Hi everybody...
    My name's Sara, and I'm 19 years old,and I come from Italy. (so forgive me for my poor english!)
    I love Louis Vuitton...^^
    My collection includes a petit bucket, a mini hl, a montsouris and some wallets...
    Now I'm going to ask you a question...I need a bag to use everyday...I like:
    -mono pochette
    -mono papillon 26
    -speedy 25/30 (I have to see it upon me)
    What I have to buy? Here in Italy everyone haves these bags, only replicas, and I'm a little bit sad for this situation.Everyone has a speedy and I don't know if is right for me choose it for this reason.But the speedy remains The Bag.
    So help me...I'm going to buy one of these this sunday!!:smile:
  2. Welcome to tPF! I see your choices as being Pap/Speedy vs Pochette, because the pochette to me isn't an everyday bag...it's too small! But do you use your mini HL as an everyday bag? It depends on your needs I guess. The Pap 26 is so cute (i have the damier one), but doesn't fit enough for me anymore...I recommend the Speedy 30 - i just got another one tonight and I love it!

    Let us know what you get, and have fun this Sunday.
  3. Thank you for your answer. I don't use mini hl for everyday,I use that for the evening...but I don't need to carry so many things...My mother says that the pap will annoy me...because it isnt a "classic bag" but is for the collectors that have so many bags...what do you think?
  4. "Here in Italy everyone haves these bags"
    Oh I'm sorry....!!!!"has"...!! :S
  5. If you don't have alot to carry, probably a speedy 25 will do the job? :biggrin:
  6. i would choose speedy 30 even though there are so many replicas. i'm sure this is not just the case in italy but everywhere in the world.

    pap 30 is another good option if you decided the speedy is not your taste.
    plus pap 30 comes with a mini pap which is extremely cute.

    good luck.
  7. I like the speedy myself....
  8. I like the speedy too! Who cares if they all have fake bags, yours would be real and that is all that matters!
  9. Oh yes...you're right...
    I'm going to buy a speedy (25 or 30)...I'm so happy!I will be so close to her this afternoon.
    Thank you for you support. If you want, I'll post some pictures in this topic as soon as I can.