I need a bag for wor ,please help me choose

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  1. ewwwwwww!

  2. I like the first one ,but i need suggestions of everybody
  3. I think they would only be fit for going to war.
  4. First one!
  5. they both looked fake to me. :confused1:
  6. elain,
  7. elain, i think if you'd like
  8. Neither - those are both fake. What's your price range, and what type of bag are you looking for? Perhaps we could help you find a nice authentic bag for work?
  9. Could this possibly be spam???
  10. u know.. the bag looks fake.... and this is a non-eluxury site selling an LV bag ... very fishy
  11. Those are both FAKE!!! (The handles have plastic). DON'T buy ANYTHING from that site, k? It's definately fake stuff! I think this is spam too, Judie. It's weird how above the pics it says "Louis Vuitton". Regardless, I'm PM'ing a mod to close this thread.
  12. they're both very fake!
  13. A friend introduced me to the store , I do not know it is fake , only felt the price for cheap, really is a fake?
  14. I like the first one.:yahoo:If u want to choose one for work,the first one is more suitable.I view the site of www.shopccc.com, I found its design is very beautiful.I will try to purchase on that site.:yahoo:

  15. Definitely spam. The first post and the one just above this. Almost sounds like the Guya Mariani poster.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.