I need a 2nd opinion...

  1. I bought this at the outlet mall yesterday. I have always wanted a legacy satchel. Anyway I was hoping to use it when I travel. I can get all my stuff in it on the plane and then use it every day for work. I put my stuff in the bag and whooo it's way too heavy for that frequent use and sort of looks a little boxier to me than the current style.

    I was thinking I could go back to the outlet and get a chelsea satchel for everday ... if they still have them. And save this for when I go out for the afternoon with hubby etc..
    I do love it and paid $327.99. Is this a good deal.

    What do you all think?

    Any of you who have this bag ... opinions?
  2. If it is too heavy I say return it..

    Can you post photos..
  3. I am leaning as well to returning it. Unless you can use it without stowing all you had originally planned...And it's not to heavy. I personally would think you would end up using it less since it's so heavy...But...If your in love with it...maybe just lighten the load you carry in it. And not use it for what you had originally intended...

    If you could show us a photo that too could help us aid in your decission.
  4. is it the 06 legacy satchel? Well regardless no matter how pretty or great if you can't use it or it doesn't work for your lifestyle I would return it and get something else/ :yes: