i NEED a 05 Black City!!!

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  1. Hi all,

    I am desperately searching for a MINT 05 black city!!!!

    i know there is one on ebay but they wont ship outside of US so thats of no use to me as I'm in australia.

    but i just got a damask courier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::wlae::woohoo: which as you all know is my HOLIEST OF ALL HOLY GRAILS EVER! and i have search for years on this desperate quest of mine and i finally found her!!!! (but sssh it's a secret she will be arriving today and i want to post in the main forum with pics tomorrow!) because i want this exact outfit (yes i'm THAT gay but it's been a dream of mine to have all of this, it's what got me fully into balenciaga! )

    anyway, if anyone could help me that would be fantastic! and i would love you forever!

    thanks! :flowers:

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  2. sorry here is a big one

  3. i was just going to say, there is one on the bay hahah..anyway..will keep an eye out for you!
    that damask is AMAZING..i love nicole richie..=)
  4. hahah i KNOW! i have been looking for it FOREVER so i had to buy it can't wait for it to arrive!
  5. Where did you find your holliest of grails?! Ahhhh liz I'm so excited for you!! I know how long you've been waiting for this bag! Congrats--I'll keep my eyes out for you and your perfect black 05 city!
  6. please remember there is NO BUYING OR SELLING on TPF.

    It is a bannable offense.
  7. Good luck Liz! I managed to find a NWT 05 Black City buried away at Neiman Marcus in Fall 2007. I'm sure if you call around the stores and ask employees to check the tags for you, you might be able to find one too :tup:

    And congrats on finally finding your Damask Courier! I can't wait to see pics :heart:
  8. Liz, Dress like this when you get it, ok? :graucho::graucho:
    White tee & Tsubi Jean


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  9. SERIOUSLY??? What amazing luck!!!
  10. oh hmwe46!!!!!!!!i wasn't trying to encourage buying or selling! i was just asking if anyone had seen one or if they could keep an eye out for me! sorry! :flowers:

    and as for my damask courier a dear dear friend found a BRAND NEW ONE in some consignment store in bangkok! what amazing luck!

    i will be dedicating a lovely little thread for to her tomorrow!

    i'm so happy i've been bouncing around all day!!!1:wlae::yahoo:
  11. sorry to go off topic here..and sorry if this is a dumb question..but if we keep an eye out for an 05 for liz and if we find one and let her know that we saw it on the bay listed..are we going to get banned? since we aren't selling our own bags..just looking out for one on the bay..and letting her know..is that still ban-able? sorry to ask!! i would rather know then get in trouble! =)
  12. I am looking for a MINT 05 black city too! And I have the same problem because I am in Spain :crybaby:

    My HG are 05 black city and 05 chocolate city :love:
  13. There is one 05 Choc City on fleabay from a lovely seller and also a TPFer :smile:
  14. Liz, I am so excited for you hun!!!
    Can't wait to see pics of this damask!
    Plus, don't forget to wear the white Tee and Black Tsubi like Andy has suggested :P
  15. Thank you, I saw it few days ago but I want a mint one ;)