I nearly passed out in the LV store today...

  1. .....when I went to try on the Manhattan GM. It was GORGEOUS.

    (Did my title get your attention) he he he:lol:

    I love that bag SO much I feel like I would trade 2 or three of my bags just to get it.

    I have seen it in the store dozens and dozens of times but never touched it or tried it on

    Let me tell you I was in love :love: . In love in love in love.

    This bag makes such a loud statement, but so classy. I can't really see myself in jeans and a t-shirt with this one though (I've got other bags for that)

    Now I'm trying to figure out what bags to sell in order to buy it. My new mono Mizi is going to be jealous. I havent even taken her out and I'm already planning on bringing someone new home. :lol:

    I'll probably start another thread to ask this question but:

    What should I sell my Speedy 35 or my Isabella Fiore Whipflash Alexia (Brown)?

    Of course I don't want to sell either. But I'm getting the Manhattan and somethings gotta GO! :wacko:
  2. yeah great title! :lol:
    i say sell your IF.. the speedy is a must-have if you'e a LV fan
  3. I concur! Ditch the IF!
  4. Hey if your Speedy 35 is in great condition I would be interested in possibly purchasing it...if you are interested:smile:
  5. Here is the link to my bag showcase.

    The Isabella Fiore Alexia is the brown hobo in the bottom right corner.........you really think I should ditch it?

    They don't make those anymore :sad:

    See, I have a problem. I want more but don't want to sell. :wacko:

    I was thinking the Speedy 35 b-cuz down the road I could always buy another one :idea: . ????????:worried: Maybe

  6. definitely sell the IF, not as classy as a speedy IMO.:biggrin:
  7. Luv yr collection!!! :love: The IF is pretty sweet.. I'm not sure I would be able to let go of it!! But you do have 3 of 'em... ;) But yea... you can always buy another Speedy.. plus looks like you already have some buyers waiting!!
  8. i would sell the speedy.. you can always get it later.. but not IF and u'll fetch more money by selling speedy
  9. Coturegrl,

    I just might be interested in selling my Speedy 35. First I need to sleep on it.

    I don't want to go bananas just b-cuz I fell in love today......with a bag :lol:

    Check out the link to my bag showcase in this thread. There's a pic of it, it has barely started to patina.

    PM me to let me know what you think. :biggrin:
  10. I think someone's selling a Manhattan in the marketplace... That'd save you a little money!

  11. Yes its SUNSHINE!!!!

    That's actually why I went to the mall to see it. I wanted to try it on to make sure I love it....and I did :love: .

    I've gotta sell a bag or two first. BTW (shameless plug), I have a LV Excentri-Cite bag on sale in the marketplace and a Banana Republic Hobo
  12. I'd also say the Speedy. Looking at the Marketplace posts, the speedy go really quick but someone was not having any bites on her IF bag :sad2:
  13. I'd say let the IF go. Virgo makes a good point that you might have a harder time selling it than the speedy, though.
  14. I say IF too!
  15. Great thread title :biggrin: