I Narrowed it down to These Two ... Expandable or Cerf ...

  1. OK Ladies which one of THESE should I get


  2. does anyone own the Cerf and have a pic with it on??
  3. That's a tough one.

    The 2nd one is a little more stylish and casual. If it's for everyday, I would go with that. THe 1st one is a little more structured.

    Can't go wrong with either one!
  4. Both are cute...Hmmm...I guess it depends on whether you like a more structured bag or a smushier one..I like both bags actually..So Im ZERO help!!HEEHEE!
  5. Tough choice. What do you have already?

    I really liked the expandable when I saw it IRL. If it were for me I would opt for the espandable. But this is for you!!

  6. I wish I could have made it to the Trunk Show to see it!!! Do you think it is HUGE?
    I only have two Chanels - Small Kelly and Lady Braid Satchel - so I want something a little bigger ....

  7. :lol:

  8. Yes, this is what I was thinking also!

    BUT ... is this a silly idea .... I just opened a Sak's card :yahoo: soooo I could get the Cerf tote and a pair of flats I wanted TODAY and get the $300 GC plus the 10% off ... THEN, IF I change my mind, I can always exchange the Cerf for the Expandable when it comes in, right???
  9. Hmmmm. You could go either way.

    Here's my thinking (for me). I have the MC large tote and love it. While I liked the perf ligne once I saw it IRL it just seems like a more normal looking tote - nothing too unique.

    They had the expandable in dark white and I was seriously thinking about it (still am). It is a fun bag - not too classic but you should always be able to pull it off. I liked the tiny, little CC charm hanging off the zipper. It also didn't seem too "chanel-y" which I like.

    What's the price difference?

    Also, seriously look at the diagonal CC ligne. I loved the large tote that they had in that but it was $3450.

    Yeah, and where were you for the trunk show?? LOL Did you know it was Manolo and Dweck trunk show also and that they were serving lemon drop martinis??
  10. Darn, why can't they ever have both bags in at the same time? I love trying them out. Just makes our life harder!!
  11. i have the cerf tote. i like it, but it does not fit over the shoulder really well when i have a coat on.

  12. Ahhh! I couldn't get off work :yucky:
    I went in the blizzard on Saturday instead :push: LOL!!

    the prices are $1850 and $2295 ... I THINK ... I haven't seen the diagonal tote, but $3450 :wtf:
    Darn!..THESE prices are outta control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I think if you actually need a tote to carry things, the Cerf would be great. It doesn't fit over the shoulder very well, so you would need to hand carry it. I also think the Cerf is a great bag for a business person for work.

    I really like the expandable and I think it's very stylish.
  15. I'm defintely a Cerf girl - looks fabulous for work. I think that one is more timeless, if that's a factor for you at all.