I named her Destiny... and this is why...

  1. I love this wristlet! I tend to gravitate to the older coach's and this one is sort of hippie and i love it.

    Her name is Destiny. LOL, that was the first time I named a bag.

    The reason her name is Destiny is because she's purple (LOVE IT), mosaic ( i love mosaic ), and her style number is: 6F29

    What exactly makes her style number my destiny you ask...?

    Because my birthday is June 29th (6/29)!!!!! I LOVE THAT!

    By the way!

    Does anyone know what year this came out? There is no creed in this one....

    Anyways, lol, here she is:


    its just the drill down, and sorry its so big.. but its the best pic I have of her.. :smile:
  2. how cute that you have a name for her! :yes:
  3. stunning!
  4. Awwww how romantic...:heart:

    I love it and the pink satin lining is great! It's soo soft too!
  5. I feel love in the air:love:
  6. destiny is gorgeous. im so glad that you found each other! :]]
  7. I guess you've found your Destiny!!! (hee hee) I love the wristlet!!:supacool:
  8. It's beautiful!!
  9. Oh, that's the wristlet that matches the mosaic pleated hobo! Cute!
  10. Gorgeous, so unique!! And it really is destiny!
  11. I found a pic in my fall 2005 catalog. Its "birth name" :pwas the "Mosiac wristlet" & it was originally $138 (in select stores). There were matching Jenilee flats as well!

    *And I LOVE all the older stuff, too! The new stuff is nice, but I like the older stuff b/c you don't see it as much! I'm sure I'll feel the same way about the new stuff when its considered "older"! :lol:
  12. That is probably one of the nicest wristlets I've ever seen!!! Destiny indeed!!
  13. That is SO pretty! I'm glad you two found eachother!
  14. Wow. Love the mix of purple and pink. Great find. :tup:
  15. I LOVE that wristlet. Reminds me of a tunic sweater I had in the early 90s!