i must say..I LOVE IT!!!!!

  1. took ms bucket out today..and everyone LOVES IT!!!! i've had so many compliments on the bag..and LOTSA students were looking..and giving me that "OH MY GOD U BOUGHT THE NEW LINE ALREADY?"- look!


    this one is a keepers!!!the straps don't fall off!!
  2. Congrats on the wonderful premier!! :wlae: Enjoy the attention and ms. Bucket!
  3. good for you!!! Its always great to carry bags once they're released :smile:
  4. Go Rensky:yahoo:I'm so happy you love it:wlae:I love your bucket. I could totally see it with some nice dark blue jeans on.
  5. Awesome :yahoo: glad she made a wonderful entrance.
  6. Congrats.
  7. today i had a black top on with not-light-but not dark blue jeans..it looked pretty good!! :yahoo:
  8. Congratulations.
  9. Congrats!
  10. Congratulations, It must be a head turner! Glad to hear about the straps.
  11. thanks!!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. FINALLY rensky! Glad to hear that her virgin voyage went well! :graucho:
  14. i know :nuts: thanks for your support, addictedtolv!!!! :wlae:

  15. Yay!! The first day is always fun, glad it went great!!