i MUST POST THIS HERE!! come and see this!

  1. oh I LOVE the Noe in Damier! And the vachetta looks good too.
  2. Someone real recently got one also but it looked better with the dark chocolate leather instead of this one...:P

    I wish I liked the Noe...it just doesnt do it for me...
  3. someone real...if not = ghost..? haha!

    yea, but theirs was "newly" special ordered......i think this one is old..that's y there's patina..

  4. Yeah, I like it with the dark chocolate trim.:P
  5. moi aussi!

  6. I agree! I think the bag would've been BEAUTIFUL if it had the dark trim!
  7. I prefer damier with the choco trim :balloon:
  8. Cool.
  9. I prefer the chocolate too.
  10. I prefer the chocolate too. I looks odd with the vachetta.
  11. I actually like it! Here's some shots of the Chelsea I used to own:
    3.jpg DSCN3903.JPG
  12. I like it with the chocolate!!
  13. cute but I agree chocolate trims and handle are best..