I MUST know

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  1. i havre to know when that heritage stuff is " coming out"
    I know you can order it now, but i realy want to wait until it's online and in the stores... and can someone confirm for me that it's true there are three sizes?
    so then the one that liz cordova got.....[​IMG] this one, would be the what size?
  2. I'd call Coach and ask them about the sizes. I can only get one item number to show up in the drilldown. Coach CS will know though!
  3. I think hers is lgr. ? right but the small showed up in the spring catlog and the med I got from other threads call Jax i am sure they can help you! I want one but I wanted to see it IRL or on the web. I do like it in the catalog and also the pics people post! I just would like it to be kind of med. size bag not lgr. thats just me though.
  4. I agree. It might be a good idea to call Coach directly for that one.
  5. Everyone seems to be saying that the Heritage line is coming out right after Christmas...some are even saying as soon as the day after. I know there is a medium, because I recall some one stating they called JAX and asked and got a price of $198?

    If you call JAX, you can actually purchase it now. Good luck!
  6. The Coach Store at Caesars in Vegas has two sizes. The SA I spoke with tonight seems to think there will be three sizes. The first is the large tote, the second is a much smaller tote (Caesars did not have this one) and a waist pack. The waist pack is not flat its like a camera bag type size. You may be able to wear it over the shoulder. When i first saw it I almost thought it was a really large cosmetic case.
  7. hmm
    well i may just have to give them a call!
    oh i hope it IS coming out right after christmas!
    merry christmas to me!
  8. I don't think the Heritage items will be in stores until February. It might be in the late January floorset but the catalog says February. Certain boutiques might get it because they always get the good stuff (Las Vegas, etc), but I don't think it will be in most stores until later. The new stuff coming out after Christmas is mainly new hamptons items.
  9. Id probably get a small one if they have it. Since I dont like the larger bags only the hobos and the pouches this might be for me.
  10. well i like a medium or large sized tote for all the crap i carry around, i just don't like the ones that are really tall- for example the scribble totes and hamptons weekend stuff was awesome, cuz it was like east/west kwim?
    i'd rather have it wider than taller!
    and since i don't really have any coach stores close by- other than an outlet... i'm s.o.l. until it gets online!
  11. You can call JAX and order it now if you wanted. I'm going to order mine as soon as I sell my the two purses I don't use.

    Here's the #: 1-888-262-6224

    I don't think you have to go pick it up, I'm pretty sure they will ship it to you.
  12. oh yeah, but the thing is that i want to see them in the diffrent sizes kwim?
    and since i don't have a store nears me, than the only way is to wait until they're up online!:hysteric:
  13. oh yes, I see. Grrr...I wish they would just release the Heritage line already! lol.