I must know what this is called!

  1. It looks like Jardin d'Armenie (the Armenian Garden I believe) by Karen Petrossian; H did make a silk twill version of it (2005 season I think?)and you may be able to find some in the stores. The pale pink and fuschia colorways are among my favorites.
  2. I could only get the "knotted" version for you... it's pretty!

  3. That is what it's called!!! Does anyone have this one? Do you have any pics...I think I may be in scarf love:love::love::love:

    Thanks so much Orchids and Birkin123!!
  4. What a pretty scarf, hope it works for you!
  5. Clink, I have this in the cashmere in the brown with the salmon accent..it is so pretty, and the accent color in the middle really is fantastic....this is the 90 cm cashmere size, which I now cannot live without...It is fabulous with many many colors of outfits, owning to the marvelous colors...



  6. ^^2nd pic is true to the color, but look at all the cute stuff going on in the 2rd pic...monkeys, etc!
  7. :drool::drool::drool::drool: You're killing me CB...that is so gorgeous...I think that this scarf is my grail!!! Yours is superb...I love love love the colors!!!!
  8. wow, this scarf design looks really good when it is tied up =)
  9. CB---LOVE your shawl! I have the silk twill in Fuschia and Pale Pink (will post pics later) and have seen the red PM cashmere posted above. The red is really lovely...the center looks wonderful with Rouge H and the border is a brighter Rouge. Because of the fine detail on this scarf, it does look wonderful tied.
  10. Pani la Shar Pawnee is the name listed on the website. I would have guessed JdA too though... hmm?
  11. Cashmere was available at NM Beverly Hills this weekend...very pretty!
  12. Eek, that's definitely wrong--their webmaster will hopefully fix that!
  13. ^^ Yes, I'll email them, it's labeled wrong in the 'source' description.
  14. here's the fuchsia, clickenwar -- the flash has washed it out a bit. i'm not quite sure what ever posessed me to sell this one . . .