i must have this!

  1. is this in the stores? my nearest Coach is so small the chances are slim...

    I want it in the Pond color- that is just beautiful!!


    also, is there anywhere in this forum for selling coach bags and things? Have any of you ever sold an item to another member?
  2. It's only in specified Legacy stores. I'm not sure if the store can order it for you from one of the Legacy stores or not, but I know someone here will know.

    You can buy and sell via a special forum on the site, but you must have been a member for 5 months and have 500 posts first.

    BTW, I have that wristlet in whiskey and I love it!
  3. thanks for the info. do you have pics of the inside of yours? :smile:
  4. i had this wristlet in whiskey and pond...ended up selling both. i don't think i'm a wristlet person.
  5. thanks for that info. :smile: too bad you don't still have the pond one- i'd have bought it in a heartbeat!

    I like wristlets and smaller things like that. always have. i'm a keychain fanatic too!
  6. You can definitely order it online! Here are pics of mine:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. I have it in whiskey! It's a beauty!
    BUT....the pond color is also catching my eye!
  8. that's really pretty!

    how big is it? does it fit okay into a purse?
  9. It fits easily into all of my medium sized purses and larger. I don't use it in my small hobos, but that's because I have a full size checkbook wallet that fills up the entire space in my hobos.

  10. :wtf: BLASPHEMY!
  11. i know, i know. i've TRIED and i just don't use 'em.

  12. I have it in pond and love it - it's one of the larger wristlets and really can be used as a clutch for a night out if you wanted.
  13. willowsmom, would you be able to show me a pic of it next to something like a battery or a quarter so i can get an idea of size? thanks so much!

    (I'm trying to keep myself from hitting the submit order button!!)
  14. Call a store first and see if they can order it for you and that way you'll save the $8.50 s/h! Not the 800 number though but an actual store. I have the pond wristlet too and love it! Here's a pic of it with my other legacy items. :love:
    legacy accessories.jpg