I must have this satin spy!

  1. I fell in love with this bag long before my label lust surfaced and now I feel the time has come, I must have this bag!

    I saw it in a magazine a few years back, and by chance when searching for a photo, just stumbled across it in a signature (credit to Nefredity!) and I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can find one, and roughly how much it will set me back?

    http://forum.purseblog.com/signaturepics/sigpic1161_1.gif the picture is rather small but good all the same :smile:

    Apart from that the only other picture I have is for a fake in black


    Any help /findings would be greatly appreciated!
  2. that's pretty, but it's my first time seeing it
  3. I remember when that bag came out. It was from a few seasons ago, I think. If I remember correctly, it was a limited edition and quite pricey. I think someone here actually got one. Hopefully you will hear from her. I'm sure it will be pretty hard to find but you never know. I wish you luck in your hunt.
  4. Just my luck! I guess I will have to go to the HQ and demand they give me one... or uh, go without... *sob*

    Nevermind, thank you guys! I will keep searching :smile:
  5. Hi, I did manage to get this bag in this colour a few months ago, but it was very grubby so sent it back to Selfridges in London. I do have the purple one which is stunning.
    135_3553.JPG 135_3546.JPG
  6. Wow thats gorgeous :smile: where did you manage to find it? I'm coming across more and more amazing bags, but that was the first one I loved!
  7. Hi there. Yes I have this bag and it's tulle with velvet on the handle. It's not satin. I don't think Fendi makes this bag anymore (it was limited edition). It was released F/W 2005. Fendi made in black, purple (like Saich has) and lavender with pink (just like my signature).
  8. Here are some pictures for you of the bag you like, I sent it back when I got it from Selfridges in london because it was grubby, got the purple one instead.
    133_3356.JPG 133_3357.JPG 133_3354.JPG 133_3352.JPG
  9. The tulle Spy is pure dream :girlsigh: I'm not sure if I would dare wear it. I'd probably manage to damage it.
  10. this is one of my dream bag as well! it seems like it is impossible for me to find it so i ended up with my denim squirrel spy. definitely to die for! i saw once on eBay and nobody was bidding on it. i remember the seller ID is katsluxury if i'm not mistaken. if you really can't get from Fendi then maybe you can check with the eBay seller that i mentioned? Good Luck!
  11. Thank you very much people for your help :smile: it is indeed my dream bag! I must say I have warmed to the spy in general lately, and had the pleasure of coming across some fakes today whilst shopping, lovely.. haha. I may shop around and see what I can find, there are so variations, and although I may never find this lovely one there must be another I will like somewhere!