I must have this bag!

  1. I am in love with this bag!


    I saw it at Macy's yesterday in both the yellow and khaki. I also searched on eBay and found some listed with a BIN lower than the retail price (around $270 or so). Has this bag hit the outlets yet? If so, has anyone seen it at an outlet near them? I must have it! :P

    Oh yeah, another question - does anyone know if it comes in black? :graucho:

    Thanks, guys! :shame: :wlae:
  2. They haven't hit the outlets yet they will be going to the outlets alittle while after they disappear from their website..and no they don't have this tote in the optic black. But I agree I really love that khaki..do you think it will look good using it in the fall?
  3. Thanks for the info :smile: I saw that they were going on eBay for less than retail and I thought that maybe they were at the outlets already, since one recently opened up at Sawgrass Mills in Ft. Lauderdale :yahoo:

    I looove the khaki. I drooled over it yesterday at Macy's, it really looks great on the shoulder. I don't really think of bags as seasonal, I guess because I live in Florida, where there are no seasons :P There are a couple that I'm watching on eBay, I might have to splurge! :graucho:
  4. good luck!!
  5. OMG I saw this bag in Macy's a few days ago.. it's adorable :love: And it fits SO much stuff in it, it's awesome LOL. Oh and I visited my regular Coach store yesterday and my SA said they were having new Optic Signature stuff come in August that was white and black.. so maybe then hmm :angel:
  6. Oooh, really? I might have to wait to see if they come out with a similar bag in black. I love how it has the leather bottom, much easier to clean and take care of. I have a $75 gift card to Macy's, so this is very tempting :shame:
  7. I have the bag in yellow, I got it with my 25% off coupon in May. :biggrin: It is really great! It holds everything. I went to the Orlando outlet this weekend and they only had the old optic stuff, not the new stuff, so it will probably be a while before they go there.
  8. oh yeah I forget about the new optic line...they look really cute in the catalog. I don't think the satchels are as big as the tote though but just as nice. They also have a chelsea optic demi coming out in august in khaki, white, & black. I might have to get one & it looks to be a good size for a demi..love the top closure. Cristina if you go to coach's website they are on pages 12 & 13 and also 42 & 43.
  9. It's TDF!! I saw one at my macys too and it makes me wanna buy it! I might try to track it down as soon as it goes off the website as it's so beautiful!
  10. that's a cute bag. i dont know if it comes in black but it looks great in all 3 colors on the website!