I *MUST* have this...and a couple random pricing Q's

  1. I have never seen anything prettier and I must have it...I absolutely must have it. The Champs Elysees Scarf in Pink. GORGEOUS! Does anyone know how much this is?...and if it's readily available calling 866-???? Rarely do I find something that I feel this passionate about needing to buy...the moment I laid eyes on this I knew with complete certainty I had to have it. Do tell me it's still available and do tell me it's not a bazillion dollars! (It's on the LV site if you wanted to check it out.)

    The other thing I found over there that I like is the VVN Fortune Key Holder. Tres Chic!

    Also, can anyone tell me how much the cute pastilles charms many of you hang on your bags cost roughly? They are so cute!

    But anyway, I've got to get that scarf. No doubt about it...I need it! :drool:
  2. YESYESYES I LOVE IT TOO! I called 866 about it like a month ago (I was wondering if it would ever be put on elux) and he quoted me a price of $110 (this was before the price increase though, maybe up to $120 now?) and said that his comp was showing that there weren't any in the stores yet. So it hadn't come out then. You should call and ask if it's been released yet; maybe it has been in the last month! I LOVE THE PINK ONE TOO!
  3. OMG, ilikepenguins, I hope they were right...I am calling first thing tomorrow morning! I had in my head that it would be a LOT more than that! I'll let you know what I find out by calling tomorrow.

    edited to add:
    Guess I will need to learn to say "champs elysees" before I call so I don't sound like a dumb*ss! hahaha
  4. [​IMG]

    Fortune key holder is available on elux, 185.

    The pastilles were about 385, something like that.
  5. Time ago i talked here about this scarf..is GORGEOUS!
    but my LV store still did not have it when i was there exchanging my old bag..i should call this week for an update!!
  6. I just contacted eLux's Live Chat and all they could tell me was that right now it's unavailable for purchase. I'll call tomorrow to see if I can find out when it will be available. If you call first xLAUx will you post what you find out please? I'm going to head into my studio for the afternoon to work because I can already see I'm going to be splurging on that key chain and quite possibly this scarf if it's available!
  7. that scarf is amazing!!! goodluck in finding one, and I cant wait to see pictures if when you do!!
  8. pronounciation is
    shaamp(soft p) eelyzaa
  9. I've never seen the scarf! anyone have a pic?? TIA!
  10. I can't access the image off the LV site because it's in Flash, but you can check it out over there. Go to scarves, then scroll down to the 4th image. I would post a link to the webpage but for some reason the "insert link" feature is not working for me at all today...strange.
  11. thanks divabeadz!!
  12. I harrassed my SA for weeks after I saw that gorgeous bandeau on the LV site. I want it in Pink, too(except I am drooling over the bandeau which is $110. I think the scarf is $140? Maybe more? I don't remember). It's beautiful! My SA told me it's still not avail in stores and that she would call me when they come in.
  13. the bandeau is equally pretty, but how do you wear that? I hopehopehope they will be in soon. I tell you, I am d*mn near salivating over this beautiful scarf...lol! :drool:
  14. I need pics!!!! Anyone??? Im also looking for a nice scarf to tie on my bags....:nuts:
  15. I like to use bandeaus to keep my curly tresses off my face(like a headband--wear it around my head and tie at the nape of my neck or just below the bottom of my ear near the nape of my neck). You can also wear it around your neck, as a sash around your waist, or tie it onto your bag. :yes: